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People looking rocksOur sapphires come from the famous area in Montana referred to over the years as "Gem Mountain". Explored and mined since the late 1800's, the area is well known by the rockhounding public for having fabulous sapphires, and gemologists consider this area to be a world class sapphire deposit. This area is known to produce particularly brilliant stones, with great variety of color.

Be a miner for a day, at your convenience wherever you are. Mine alone or with friends. Sapphire mining is a perfect activity for birthdays, wedding showers, or any other celebration that is calling for something unique. The added bonus is that everyone comes away with a Montana treasure.

Poeple mining at the Sapphire Mine





Gravel bags can be ordered online, or by phone or mail order. Complete mining instructions are included, along with pictures to identify your sapphires. When finished, you can return your stones for a free evaluation, at which time we can give you estimated costs for processing your stones into beautiful gems.

Mining can be done at home with the simplest of tools. You will need a tub of water, a screen with small holes, similar to a kitchen sieve or a piece of window screen, tweezers, container, and patience ! After you wash your gravel you will pick out your stones, re-washing a number of times is recommended. Sapphires come in all colors, most are a blue green color in Montana. After processing, which includes heating and cutting/polishing, they become works of art .

When finished, your stones can be set into beautiful jewelry, and we have a large selection of mountings for you to choose from. Our prices are reasonable for turning your stones into lovely pieces, and should you require other stones for other purposes, we can furnish the usual items supplied through jewelry stores. We specialize in high quality - not high prices.

Please look through the rest of our web site for more information about sapphires and mining. But be careful, you might catch the Sapphire Fever !